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G Series 1.6-2.0t electric reach truck sit-down type


G Series 1.6-2.0t electric reach truck sit-down type

Product Features
Technical Parameters
Lift height:
Load center:
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AC type motor control on travelling,lifting and steering, maintenance free, reliable Performance;
Imported travelling motor controller, self - protection,maintenance free,reliable Performance ;
EPS electric powered steering offering easy operation, real time display steering wheel position;
CAN BUS technology, reducing wiring, ensuring the reliability of communication;
Interactive and friendly display can show a large amount of information, password setting, maintenance free;
Driving and lifting speed closed-loop control;
Caliper disc brake integrating parking brake and service brake, easy to operate;
Three sets of independent braking systems, to ensure safe and reliable braking;
Main circuit and control circuit with emergency power-off function;
Operation sequence protection function;
The electronic control self-protection function.
G series reach truck, flexible, compact in appearance,no emissions, low noise, high efficiency, especially suitable for tobacco, food, textile, electronics, printing and other industries; with the forward function, to facilitate loading and unloading of cargo, especially suitable for narrow roadway and narrow space operation.
Model Unit CQD16 CQD20
Configuration number   GA2S GA2S
Driving mode   seated
Rated capacity kg 1600 2000
Load center distance mm 600
Standard lifting height mm 4250
Truck body lenth(fork excluded) mm 1800 1903
Truck body width mm 1120/1148 1240/1266
Gradeability,loaded % 10
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