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     Anhui Heli is a holding subsidiary of Anhui Forklift Group Co., Ltd., which was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 1996 with a registered capital of 618,718,335 million yuan. Vehicle R & D, manufacturing and export base; it is an earlier listed company in China's forklift industry, and it is also a new type enterprise and a high-tech enterprise of the torch plan.

     The leading product of Heli Forklift is the "Heli, HELI" brand series of forklifts. More than 1,700 models and 512 products produced online have independent intellectual property rights. From 1991 to 2017. In 2006, the Forklift Group entered the world industrial vehicle industry, ranking 8th in 2011. The company has its own marketing network and has established 24 marketing networks and more than 400 agency sales service outlets. The service system is complete and sound in the forklift industry. Overseas agency networks have been established in 80 countries and regions overseas, and products are sold to 140 countries and regions in the world, of which Europe and the United States account for 60% of exports. In 2013, the whole machine produced and sold 80,000 units and in 2017, 140,000 units. As of May 2018, the export sales reached more than 6,000 units, the share of Heli brand forklifts was 27%, the total profit and tax was 1.004 billion yuan, and the number of employees of the company was 8,000.

     Anhui Heli will aim to "build a century-old joint effort and enter the world's top five" and "China join forces to enhance the future".

    Shanghai Heli Forklift Co., Ltd. is the sales company of Anhui Heli Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, Suzhou and Nantong (including cities and counties under its jurisdiction). Fully responsible for the "heli" brand series of forklifts and logistics handling equipment sales, spare parts supply, maintenance services and rental services.

    Our company conducts sales management according to regions, and currently has 6 departments and 16 subsidiary companies: Baoshan, Pudong, Hongqiao, Suzhou, Fengxian, Jiading, Nantong, Rugao, repair shop, Nanhui, Kunshan, Zhangjiagang, Changshu, Wujiang, Qidong 3. Electric storage department. There are more than 160 service vehicles and more than 400 employees, which can reach the scene within three hours to solve the urgent needs of customers.



In order to enter the world's top five industrial vehicles, Heli is determined to become a long-term enterprise.

A hundred years of joint strength is our definition of philosophy, and the world's top five are our quantitative goals. Heli people step by step, constantly strive to forge ahead, and gradually make the enterprise bigger and stronger. Since entering the new century, Heli has entered a period of rapid development. In 2006, it successfully became one of the top ten forklifts in the world. It is the inheritance of our glorious history, and it is the step of people who never stop!

Since its birth, Heli has carried the hope of many people. The joint vision is the inevitable requirement of the corporate mission, the ardent expectation of the leadership for the joint force, the social responsibility of the industry to serve the country, and the response to the support of customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers and the public over the years. Strive to enter the world's top five forklift industry as soon as possible, so as to achieve a hundred years of joint efforts, the foundation is long-lasting.