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Internal-combustion tow tractor H2000 series 2-2.5t IC gasoline engine tow tractor


Internal-combustion tow tractor H2000 series 2-2.5t IC gasoline engine tow tractor

Product Features
Technical Parameters
Lift height:
Load center:
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2-2.5t IC gasoline engine tow tractor adequately adopts the mature design and manufacturing technology of our company, the appearance is vigorous and powerful, the whole tractor has good rigidity and impact resistance, the excellent power configuration with the high quality engine as the major component and scientific rigorous ergonomics design effectively ensure the tractor has reliability, stability and high working efficiency. The series of tractor has easy and accurate steering operation, safe and reliable braking, comfortable driving. There are two types of hydraulic powered transmission box: HELI homemade transmission box which exclusive use in tractor and Okamura transmission box imported from Japan.
The series of liquefied gas type tractor are mainly suitable for the towing and pushing work in logistics transportation sites of the industries with a high degree of cleanliness, such as food industry, chemical industry, warehouse and so on.
The dual fuel tractor has the following advantages due to the backup of the two fuels:
1. The exhaust gas is greatly reduced, compare with the tractor with gasoline as single fuel, the emission of CO is reduced by 80%, thus it plays an active role in environmental protection;   
2. It is beneficial to improve the lubrication condition of the engine, avoid the phenomenon of poor atomization of the gasoline and combustion carbon deposition, prolong the service life of the engine, reduce the maintenance cost of the engine, and prolong the service time of the engine oil;
3. Obviously reduce the engine noise, greatly delay the overhaul time of the engine;
4.Reduce the cost of the fuel consumption;
5.Improve the tractor safety and reliability.
Model QYQ20 -Rc QYQD 20-Rc QYYD20 -Rc (single fuel) QYYD25 –Rc (single fuel) QYQYD 20 –Rc (dual fuel) QYQYD 25-Rc (dual fuel) QYQD 25-Rc
Max.drawbar.pull(KN) 20 20 21 26 20 25 25
Engine model K25(NISSAN)
Max.travel speed(forward/reverse,km/h) 10/23 25/22 25/22 20/22 25/22 20/22 20/22
Center height of coupler(mm) 450
Transmission case type Mechanical transmission with synchronizer Stepless change speed
Grade ability (without load,%) 30
Overall dimensions Overall length 3275
Overall width 1370
Overall height (mm) (without cab,to the steering wheel / with cab) 1320/1980 1400/1980
Total weight (kg) (including oil and coolant, without cab) 3200 3360 3420 3860 3420 3860 3860
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