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H2000 Series Light 12t engine balance forklift


H2000 Series Light 12t engine balance forklift

Product Features
Technical Parameters
Lift height:
Load center:
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(1) Drivelines: Cummins engine or Wuxi diesel  engine meeting national level 3 emission standard is assembled on the truck, with strong drive power and good weather-resistance.
(2) Transmission: The model is assembled with originally designed Heli automatic transmission with a market inventory of 5000, which is safe and reliable, and easy to maintain.
(3) Drive axle: The truck is assembled with heavy-truck axle, stable and reliable braking, have a good using the performance ,performance and price rate
(4) Hydraulic system:  Load sensing is applied to save energy and reduce the cost.
(5) Brake system: Air-over-oil wet disk brakes is reliable and easy to maintain.
(6) High strength structure components:  Heavy-duty box-type chassis is reliable. The design perfectly meets the requirement of reliability and stability, especially in rental and stone market.
(7) A floating design between driveline and mast reduces the vibration and noise.
Model Units CPCD120-WX-06III CPCD120-CU-06III
Load center Mm 600
Lifting capacity kg 12000
Lifting height mm 3000
Lifting speed (at rated load) mm/s 350
Lowering speed ( unloaded) mm/s 300-600
Mast tilt (forward/backward) Grad 6/12
Engine   FAWDE/Cummins
Dimensions Overall length(with fork) mm 4400(5770)
Overall width mm 2350
Mast height (retracted) mm 317
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