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G Series 2-3.5t diesel / gasoline / LPG counterbalanced Forklift Trucks.


G Series 2-3.5t diesel / gasoline / LPG counterbalanced Forklift Trucks.

Product Features
Technical Parameters
Lift height:
Load center:
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Lower pollution
High efficiency hydraulic system decreases the fuel consumption;
This lift truck is equipped with high performance engine to meet EU EC and USA EPA new regulations.
Ergonomics Improved
Right located control lever effectively reduces driver’s arm tiredness;
Make the operator get wider and better visibility through creative and optimal design for the box iron, cylinders, chain of mast;
The operator’s legroom is twice to other series with optimized construction;
Conveniently behavior with electro-hydraulic direction changing lever and automobile type double joystick combined switch;
Small diameter steering wheel reduces driver’s left shoulder’s fatigue and makes driving comfortable;
Suspension seat with handrail and seat belt ensure the operator’s safety and comfort;
The dynamic braking system decreases the braking force sharply.
Reliability Improved
Automatic monitor control system could ensure the monitor working stably and safely;
The high strength special-shaped overhead guard is designed to ensure the safety;
Applying the park brake system safety protection device, avoid the hidden danger caused by faulty operation;  
Safety wire harness, Reliability and good Maintainability;
More safety operation with the OPSS system;
Lower damping device inside the lifting system reduces mast shock and vibration, improving the whole truck’s safety and reliability.
Applications:  as lifting and transport machineries, G series 2-3.5T Diesel / Gasoline / LPG  Counterbalanced Forklift Trucks are widely used for loading, unloading and transporting the packaged goods in factories, warehouses, stations, wharves, ports and so on.  With other attachments of fork lift trucks., they can be used for the handling of the bulk goods and unpackaged goods.
Model Unit CPCD20 CPCD25 CPCD30 CPCD35 CP(Q)(Y)D20 CP(Q)(Y)D25 CP(Q)(Y)D30 CP(Q)(Y)D35
Engine type   Diesel Gasoline/LPG
Operation model   Sit-on type
Load capacity kg 2000 2500 3000 3500 2000 2500 3000 3500
Load center mm 500
Max.Lift height mm 3000
Overall length (without fork) mm 2510 2580 2700 2770 2510 2580 2700 2770
Overall width mm 1150 1150 1225 1285 1150 1150 1225 1285
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