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Localized configuration 14-16t engine balance forklift


Localized configuration 14-16t engine balance forklift

Product Features
Technical Parameters
Lift height:
Load center:
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(1) Drivelines: Yuchai engine meeting national level 3 emission standard is assembled on the truck, with strong drive power and good weather-resistance.
(2) Transmission: The model is assembled with originally designed Heli automatic transmission with a market inventory of 500, which is safe and reliable, and easy to maintain.
(3) Drive axle: The truck is assembled with Meichi axle, stable and reliable braking, have a good using the performance ,performance and price rate
(4) Hydraulic system:  Italian hydraulic system with high efficiency and fuel economy is assembled on the truck. Advanced techniques such as load sensing, dual pump converging and small flow under high pressure are applied to save energy and reduce the cost.
(5) High strength structure components:  Heavy-duty box-type chassis is reliable.
(6) Tilting cabin makes a better experience of maintenance and repairing.


Model Units CPCD140-YC-09III CPCD150-YC-09III CPCD160-YC-09III
Load center Mm 900
Lifting capacity kg 14000 15000 16000
Lifting height mm 3300
Lifting speed (at rated load) mm/s 300
Lowering speed ( unloaded) mm/s 300-600
Mast tilt (forward/backward) Grad 6/12
Engine   Yuchai
Dimensions Overall length(with fork) mm 5590(7410)
Overall width mm 2725
Mast height (retracted) mm 3490
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