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5-7 tons diesel counterbalanced forklift


5-7 tons diesel counterbalanced forklift

Product Features
Technical Parameters
Lift height:
Load center:
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Overall performance:
Using load sensing and dual pump confluent hydraulic system technology, high operating efficiency, low energy consumption of the entire machine;
The special electronic control technology for Heli forklift developed jointly with the engine manufacturers makes the whole machine power have the best performance;
The use of a 9-inch large air filter with a safety filter element, together with an electronic pressure alarm, is safer and more reliable on the basis of ensuring the air intake of the engine.
Split type radiator, with better heat dissipation effect, reliable thermal balance of the whole machine;
The standard vacuum assisted braking system adopts advanced vacuum booster structure on the car, which can effectively prevent dust from entering the master cylinder and is mature and reliable.
Equipped with a wide field of view lifting system and wide-angle rearview mirror, the driver has a good vision;
The patented steering wheel double-thread adjustment mechanism is easy to operate;
With CAN bus meter with LCD screen, the driver can understand the engine status in real time through the LCD screen;
With an optimized hood locking mechanism, the hood opens flexible and reliable.
Safe and reliable: 
Drive axle end adopts semi-shaft sealing technology, gear oil seal is reliable, and after-sale maintenance cost is low;
Adopting an integrated modular electrical box, the protection level can reach IP56, and the electrical system has good safety and easy maintenance;
Double lip seal, reliable fuel tank seal;
Using high-quality power and equipped with engine electronic control technology, it can protect the engine in multiple directions and ensure the safe operation of the engine.
Safety mechanisms such as locking fuel caps and self-locking hood gas springs are used to provide high safety.
Easy maintenance:
Gearbox oil filter and hydraulic oil return filter adopt external structure, which is convenient for maintenance and service.
The hood opening angle is large, providing more spacious work space for inspection and maintenance.
K series 5-7 ton diesel counterbalanced forklifts are widely used for loading, unloading and handling of packaged goods in factories, warehouses, stations, docks, and ports. After being equipped with other working attachments, they can also be used for bulk cargoes. And other non-packaged cargo handling operations.
model unit CPCD50 CPCD60 CPCD70
power   Diesel Diesel Diesel
Driving method   Car type
Rated weight kg 5000 6000 7000
Load center distance mm 600
Standard gantry lifting height mm 3000
Full length (without fork) mm 3405 3480 3560
Full width mm 1995
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