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2-3.5 ton diesel counterbalanced forklift


2-3.5 ton diesel counterbalanced forklift

Product Features
Technical Parameters
Lift height:
Load center:
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1. The core components such as the transmission and the drive axle are all self-manufactured. The cabinet manufacturing and assembly equipment is leading domestically. The key components in the cabinet are imported, the failure rate of the cabinet assembly is low, and the quality of the domestic cabinet is the best;
2. The use of integral hood, beautiful appearance, internal frame rib structure, high strength, reliable quality;
3. It adopts a new double-threaded steering wheel adjustment mechanism, which is tightly locked and easy to operate;
4. Configure cast steering bridge, waterproof and dustproof, improve the life and reliability of the rotating connector;
5. Wide-view gantry, wide field of vision, independent patented technology channel steel, large cross section, solid structure;
6. Adopt iron shell large air filter, long maintenance period, and can better adapt to bad working environment such as large dust;
7. Change the pedal of the car to the aluminum non-slip pedal to ensure the safety of the driver of the forklift cab;
8. The dimensions of the ergonomics such as the steering wheel, seat and instrument frame are reasonable, the driver's operation is comfortable, and the driver's vision is open;
9. The connection of the steering axle and the frame is supported by damping rubber pads to reduce the vibration of the whole vehicle and improve operator comfort;
10. Hood opening angle up to 80 °, greatly improving the ease of maintenance operations;
11. Adopt a new hood lock mechanism to increase the opening flexibility and reliability of the hood.
The K series 2-3.5t internal combustion counterbalanced forklift belongs to the hoisting and transporting machinery and is widely used for loading, unloading and handling of packaged goods in factories, warehouses, stations, docks, ports, etc., and can be equipped with other work attachments. Used for loading and unloading of bulk cargo and other unpacked goods.


model unit CPC20/CPCD20 CPC25/CPCD25 CPC30/CPCD30 CPC35/CPCD35
power   Diesel
Driving method   Seat type
Rated weight kg 2000 2500 3000 3500
Load center distance mm 500
Standard gantry lifting height mm 3000
Full length (without fork) mm 2502 2576 2682 2693
Full width mm 1150 1225


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