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Electric tow tractor G serious 1.5-6 ton AC type electric tow tractor


Electric tow tractor G serious 1.5-6 ton AC type electric tow tractor

Product Features
Technical Parameters
Lift height:
Load center:
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Brief introduction
Designed by HELI with innovative styling and reliable performance, G serious 1.5-6 ton AC type electric tow tractor is a new generation of environment friendly vehicle. With ergonomic design principle, driving comforts in sitting, operation space and environmental protection are ensured.
This is three wheels sit-down electric tow tractor, powered by battery. The steering wheel is front wheel and the drive wheel is rear wheel. Imported CURTIS controller with stepless speed regulation is assembled on the tractor. The tractor has low noise, powerful traction force, easy operation and flexible steering. 
Driving System
Special drive axle for AC type electric tractor is assembled on 1.5-4 ton tractor offering low noise, no pollution, stable travelling and good sealing condition. With large under clearance, good passing ability is ensured. 
HELI homemade reducer case and drive axle assembly are assembled on 5-6 ton tractor offering compact structure and stable transmission.
Steering System
Structure compacted sprocket drive structure is applied on the front wheel offering flexible and easy steering operation and high efficiency.
Dual-type structure is applied on 5-6 ton tractor offering stable travelling.
Superior intellectualized design
Superior intellectualized designs not only ensure operator and tractor safety but also improve working efficiency, reduce energy consumption.
Operating System
1)Proper angle and position of braking pedal and acceleration pedal and slight pedal force fully satisfy ergonomic requirements. 
2)Adjustable steering wheel fits different operator. 
3)With good brake effect in cold condition and enough brake force, national mandatory performance standards in service brake and parking brake are satisfied.
4)With inching button, safe and precise connection between tractor and trailer is ensured through inching forward/backward.
Easy and reliable side-pulling battery changing method
Technical parameter of 2-3 ton tractor
1 Model   QYD20S-E1 QYD30S-E1
2 Type   Seated
3 Capacity Q (t) 2 3
4 Service weight kg 750 810
5 Tire Solid tire
6 Overall dimensions (LxWxH) mm 1775×856×1375
7 Travel speed (with/without load) km/h 8.0/11.0 8.0/11.0
8 Grade ability (fully load) %×m 10%×20m 6%×20m


Technical parameter of 4 ton tractor
1 Model   QYD40S-E1 Optional
2 Type   Seated
3 Capacity Q (t) 4 5
4 Service weight kg 1200 1250
5 Tire Solid tire
6 Overall dimensions (LxWxH) mm 1865×1006×1375
7 Travel speed (with/without load) km/h 9/12 8.5/12
8 Grade ability (fully load) %×m 6%×20m 4%×20m


Technical parameter of 5-6 ton tractor
1 Model   QYD50S-E1 QYD60S-E1
2 Type   Seated
3 Capacity Q (t) 5 6
4 Service weight kg 1650 1730
5 Tire   Front tire: solid
Rear tire: pneumatic
6 Overall dimensions (LxWxH) mm 2070×1100×1460
7 Travel speed (with/without load) km/h 10.0/15.0
8 Grade ability (fully load) %×m 20%×20m


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