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Electric tow tractor G serious 8-15 ton AC type electric tractor


Electric tow tractor G serious 8-15 ton AC type electric tractor

Product Features
Technical Parameters
Lift height:
Load center:
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Brief introduction
G serious 8-15 ton AC type electric tractor which has popular appearance and reliable performance is a new generation of environment friendly tractor designed by HELI. With ergonomic design principle, driving comforts in sitting, operation space and environmental protection are ensured. It is mainly used in national defense, airport, railway, postal service, manufacturing industry, medicine, tobacco, logistics and other industry.
The four-wheel truck is powered by battery. The steering wheel is front wheel and the drive wheel is rear wheel. With fully hydraulic-powered brake technology, the brake is easy and reliable. Imported CURTIS controller with stepless speed regulation is assembled on the truck. The truck has low noise, powerful traction force, easy operation and flexible steering.
Item Unit  
Model   QYD80-J1 QYD100-J1 QYD120-J1 QYD150-J1
Type   Seated
Capacity t 8 10 12 15
Service weight kg 2600 2690 2800 3400
Overall dimensions(LxWxH) mm 2950×1300×1820 3120×1300×1820
Travel speed(with/without load) km/h 12.0/18.0 11.0/16.0 10.0/14.0 10.0/16.0
Grade ability(fully load) %xm 10%x20m 8%x20m 6%x20m 5%x20m
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