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To improve the comprehensive quality of the staff, the study will be carried out to the end.

To improve the comprehensive quality of the staff, the study will be carried out to the end.

2018/03/21 16:23

In order to improve the Shanghai full overall professional quality and ability to work together, together in Shanghai on October 30th October 16 - use of spare time at night in the company concentrated organized all kinds of training, more than 300 people attended the training. Not only specially formulated the detailed training plan, to staff training and also employ professional technicians, a combination of the teacher, headquarters, concentration for different positions for all kinds of special training for employees, covering engine knowledge and solid exercise, electric storage car products and technology, secretarial reception etiquette, order placement theory and field, 1-10 tons of internal-combustion forklift truck product knowledge, contract management, the whole machine and accessories accounts receivable risk management, financial management, accessories and outbound and cancel after verification, production safety knowledge, reshipment product training, tractor peace a scooter, electric lift trucks in the new product training, enterprise culture training, maintenance and matters needing attention and operating rules, traffic safety knowledge training, etc.

These training, not only enriched the Shanghai together each post staff's professional knowledge and vocational skills, more to improve overall qualities laying solid foundation for Shanghai together employees, and earnestly solve the many employees work in a puzzling problem, achieved very good training effect, is the important measure of development of Shanghai together moving forward.

We will always train the employees in Shanghai.


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