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The inner strength of the external plastic image united in the struggle and enterprising -- remember Shanghai combined 2016 mili

The inner strength of the external plastic image united in the struggle and enterprising -- remember Shanghai combined 2016 mili

2018/03/21 16:21

On November 13, the 15-day military training of Shanghai heli forklift co., LTD was successfully concluded. Shanghai company leadership attaches great importance to the training, and special instructions of all departments must work together to assist, do early plan, early arrangement, training is divided into two batches, properly handle the relationship between training and work, reasonable arrangement and the deployment of personnel, do the military training and work "balance". It can be said that this military training is under the condition of tight time, heavy task and limited conditions, and has achieved remarkable achievements and achieved the expected goal without affecting the work. It is the high standard and high requirement of the company's leadership to the military training. In closed military training, the trainees during the JunZi, queue daily military subjects such as training and development activities, night carried out a variety of content of the training, the successful completion of the training mission, emerge a batch of high ideological style and outstanding outstanding students training performance and company.

Shanghai joined forces vice chairman sinology and military leaders attended the military training summary conference. More than 300 military training employees of Shanghai company conducted military training report performances respectively. They row tidy team, with a firm pace, Shouting loud slogans, spirit, action in place, each team magnificent strong, uniform, passionate spirit and hard-working spirit of solidarity and collaboration won a burst of applause. At the end of the conference, commendation will be held, and bonuses and certificates will be awarded to the group and individuals who have performed excellently in military training. He congratulated all staff members on the successful completion of the military training mission and thanked the officers and soldiers of the military training service. He pointed out that military training for the company's long-term stable development is of far-reaching significance: at work, sales teams are fighting collective, market like battlefield, cooperate with each other, and operations team need to develop highly effective style, effectively protect the market, fight for market, rapid response services market; In the life, can cultivate the hard and simple style, the work is clear, improve the quality and the temperament of the person, learn to help each other, help the person to be happy, embodies the strong sense of collectivism; Military training is a test of physical fitness and endurance. In the work, there are any difficulties, and a strong body can be better qualified for the job. He wanted every employee to military training achievements as a starting point, to further strengthen the sense of responsibility and mission, since the added pressure, working hard, brave practice, learning units high style, indomitable will and iron discipline. Meet difficulties, persevere, and rely on team and collective strength to overcome all difficulties. After the military training, in the hope that the comrades continue to carry forward displayed in the military training is a good spirit, good style, the military training results into the fine style of work, for the company for greater honor and achievement!
Shanghai combined with the 2016 military training in "unity is the strength of" the sound of the successful end of the song!


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