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We will work together to build the dream of a long journey, and we will conclude the 2016 annual work summary and commendation m

We will work together to build the dream of a long journey, and we will conclude the 2016 annual work summary and commendation m

2018/03/21 16:15
We will work together to build the dream of a long journey, and we will conclude the 2016 annual work summary and commendation meeting and the 2017 New Year party.
On January 18, Shanghai joined forces in suzhou to hold the 2016 annual work summary and commendation meeting of Shanghai heli forklift co., LTD. Anhui heli co., LTD., marketing director, chairman Deng Li Shanghai heli forklift co., LTD, anhui heli co., LTD., deputy general manager of headquarters of Li Yongkai, heli forklift co., LTD., vice chairman of Shanghai XinXue shu-cheng wang yong-jiu zhao, general manager, deputy general manager of anhui force force, shandong, shandong qilu brothers company leaders and all staff of Shanghai together more than 420 people attended the meeting.
Annual meeting in Shanghai together 2016 years development course of the opening in the video, together through the path in 2016 in Shanghai, have laughter, tears, let a person more insight and aftertaste, added together beautiful dreams of the future of Shanghai and yearning.
Zhao yongsheng, general manager, is the first to work together in Shanghai in 2016. He led all, reviews the development of 2016 and hard, at the same time, in 2017 the company specific work and analyzed in detail, and the measures to keep the market share first for the purpose, promote enterprise rapid, healthy and sustainable development.
Next, vice chairman xin xue gave a speech. He made a comprehensive review of the company's management work and activities in 2016, and gave full affirmation to the achievements made by various departments and branches in the past year. Shanghai's past achievements cannot be separated from the joint efforts of the people. No pains, no gains, a harvest, together to cultural force people into Shanghai, emerge a batch of another batch of outstanding work performance, work achievement prominent outstanding employees, they in Shanghai together in the past, present and future development has made an outstanding contribution. XinXue vice chairman read out by the company, with advanced individual and collective recognition decision and called for all employees to use their own strength in the 2017 years, with a resultant force strength of the brand, win today, hitting a contrarian float in the sky of success; Win the future, create new brilliance!
Next, the company marketing director deng li makes an important speech. He affirmed the efforts of all the employees in Shanghai over the past year, and affirmed and praised the good performance of Shanghai company in 2016. Motivate the staff at the same time, the resultant force in Shanghai in 2017 to the new normal economic situation continue to carry forward the spirit together, positive coping, change ideas, innovation and development, to strengthen the executive power, fully understand and carry out the policies of the headquarters of the marketing, overcome difficult, efforts to achieve "SanQueBao", strive to create a new situation of marketing work, comprehensive market competitiveness, efforts to complete each task index in 2017, to cast new brilliance!
The last meeting, held a solemn flag ceremony, deng general representative marketing headquarters awarded Shanghai resultant force, the force flag vice chairman XinXue took the force by the standard, and passed to yong-jiu zhao, general manager together the standard one by one to each branch manager. All of them were confident, full of pride, and bright red flags were flying high above the stage. Shanghai together all the leaders under the guidance of Zhao Zong solemnly swear: in 2017, will continue to unite closely group co., LTD., co., LTD and marketing headquarters under the leadership of the enterprise rise and fall as himself, to the sustainable development of the company as own duty, and all staff of hard work, solidarity, forge ahead, go forward! We must live up to our expectations. Net force, invincible! Net force man, invincible!
After the meeting, the 2017 New Year party will officially begin. Shanghai together employees performing a write and play the wonderful performances, brings the different atmosphere, a Shanghai together original song "force rocks" will be a party to a climax, full off stage singing and dancing together, present a harmonious and warm.
The hall singing, the applause and cheers, bright youth, rich culture, all the Shanghai people's presence, also showed people passionate, forge ahead the spirit of youth. The annual meeting ends in a harmonious, warm and happy atmosphere.

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