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shanghai heli forklift opened one new office in rudong city

shanghai heli forklift opened one new office in rudong city

2018/09/15 11:09
    Summer is hot and passion is blooming. On June 30th, Shanghai Heli Rudong Branch opened its doors! Liu Changjiang, deputy general manager of Marketing Headquarters, Xu Yiping, general manager of Jungheinrich Heli Leasing Company, Chen Xiancheng, deputy general manager, Wang Fuqiang, general manager of Jiangsu Heli, all leaders of Shanghai Heli, important customers of Heli, Shanghai Heli model workers, elites, etc. attended the opening ceremony.
    After more than two months of intensive preparations, Rudong Branch finally ushered in this exciting moment. The ceremony was filled with colorful flags, firecrackers, and fireworks, indicating the beautiful beginning of the Rudong branch! Liu Changjiang and Xin Xuexue are the finishing touches for the lions, which symbolizes the lions and tortoises, and the prosperity of the world! The establishment of Rudong Branch is an important measure for Shanghai Heli to lay out the Nantong area. It is another vital force after the Rugao and Qidong Branch.
    General Manager Zhao Yongji gave a welcome speech and thanked leaders at all levels and all walks of life for their concern and support for Heli Forklift. He said that Rudong Branch will continue to adhere to the company's business philosophy and take root in Rudong's new business map to provide honest, professional, high-quality and efficient services to customers in Rudong, creating a win-win situation for both customers and enterprises. Situation.
    Vice Chairman Xin Xuexuan solemnly announced the opening of Rudong Branch. Eight leaders and guests took the stage to cut the ribbon for the opening ceremony. All the guests present witnessed the unveiling of the brand. The new Rudong Branch opened a new chapter and opened a new starting point! All employees, under the leadership of Li Chao, the manager of Rudong Branch, solemnly vowed to demonstrate the spirit of unity and hard work of Heli employees.
    In his speech, Liu Changjiang placed high hopes on Rudong Branch. He stressed that Shanghai Heli should constantly improve its marketing concept, strengthen management, and provide honest service. All employees should continue to carry forward the spirit of hard work, hard work, and unity. We will continue to create better business performance and make new and greater contributions to the cause of joint efforts. We will strive to realize the dream of “the world's top five and one hundred years together”.