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Shanghai Heli Forklift held the training of “Building a professional iron army”

Shanghai Heli Forklift held the training of “Building a professional iron army”

2018/09/15 10:34
In order to further enhance the sense of responsibility, execution and cohesiveness of Shanghai Heli sales staff, on the afternoon of July 28th, Shanghai Heli held a team training with the theme of “Professional Iron Army”, and invited the expert lecturer of Shanghai Angbu Management Consulting Co., Ltd. A congratulatory speech, a total of 80 people from Shanghai Heli leadership, regional managers and all sales managers attended the training.
The training is carried out in the form of “theory tells + exchange seminar + case drill + game interaction”. Niu Yihe combines the reality, applying many vivid stories and celebrity cases to detail execution and team, execution and responsibility, execution and inspection, and execution. The five key points of improving execution with results, execution and learning give participants a deeper understanding of the importance of execution and the importance of execution. He also gave a vivid explanation on how middle management personnel can carry out role recognition and positioning, sunshine mentality and emotional management, basic skills to improve execution, and how to improve team execution. The classroom atmosphere is active and the results are very good.
The participants said that the training benefited a lot. Everyone understands the importance of execution. The so-called "no perfect individual, only perfect team", everyone understands more clearly the strong execution force for the company's steady development. Sex and importance. Individuals have made greater improvements in their work philosophy and execution, which will further enhance the execution ability of the Shanghai Heli marketing team, enhance their combat effectiveness, and lay a solid foundation for the completion of the annual target tasks!